So I am retired now

Folks were asking me what I intend to do in retirement and one thing I told them was that I was going to write more and do so in a more structured manner. That is, set aside some time each day/week (TBD) and devote that time to writing. In the past I have developed some bio-sketches of people I know and this exercise demonstrated to me that I either am attracted to weird people or weird people are attracted to me. I can’t figure out which is the case or if its some of both.  Anyway, I’d like to write more here on AthensWorld. I’ll try to keep in Athens-centric although I’ll hit some Oconee things as well. That’s where I live.

I grew up in Athens, the son of a faculty member of UGA. I grew up in 5 Points as some of my previous stories indicate. I grew up on campus as well, particularly on summer days when we’d bike all over the place. I wish I could express how much the campus has changed and grown over the years but I could never capture the true scope of the changes.

Is anybody still reading here?

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