So I am retired now

Folks were asking me what I intend to do in retirement and one thing I told them was that I was going to write more and do so in a more structured manner. That is, set aside some time each day/week (TBD) and devote that time to writing. In the past I have developed some bio-sketches of people I know and this exercise demonstrated to me that I either am attracted to weird people or weird people are attracted to me. I can’t figure out which is the case or if its some of both.  Anyway, I’d like to write more here on AthensWorld. I’ll try to keep in Athens-centric although I’ll hit some Oconee things as well. That’s where I live.

I grew up in Athens, the son of a faculty member of UGA. I grew up in 5 Points as some of my previous stories indicate. I grew up on campus as well, particularly on summer days when we’d bike all over the place. I wish I could express how much the campus has changed and grown over the years but I could never capture the true scope of the changes.

Is anybody still reading here?


Welcome to the weblog of the Anonymous Blogger.  Hopefully we will be able to learn and share some things together, things about Athens and Athens-Clarke County.

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Now back to the exciting things that are at hand.  It has been roughly or more than a month since the new "progressive" commissioners have been sworn in to office and I am waiting somewhat impatiently for some actual change to take place.

But more on that later.

Back to Athens news.  Today there were some suspicious happenings around town.  First, at 2:54 p.m. the Athens Newspapers reported as "Breaking News" that pesky "Forecasters" had predicted a hazardous weather "alert" for the Athens area.  Yet the National Weather Service, while including "Clarke County" in with some other 40-50 north Georgia counties expecting heavy rainfall, had none of the bright-orange-ish warning flags that typically accompany real hazardous weather conditions expected, such as flash-flooding, etc.  At the present time the NWS is forecasting a 20% chance of rain overnight in the Athens general area.

In other news, it was reported that the University Police Bomb Squad may have traveled to an event (which has not, to my knowledge, so far been reported on in other media) at a south Athens motel, just off south Milledge Avenue and near to what used to be known as Macon Road.  We'll keep our ears and eyes pealed to see if this event gets reported further.

Thus concludes my inaugural blog.  I know it won't please everyone because I know it won't please me five minutes after I post it--however, that is done now.

But if you will, or want to, stay tuned.

And thanks.