Invasion of the electric scooters

We noticed them this morning -- pairs or trios of electric scooters parked in the most random places, such as on the grass next to East Campus Road at College Station Road and on the sidewalk in the middle of the block in front of the Holiday Inn on Broad Street. These are the small, narrow kind that one stands on. They are labeled with the name "Bird." I think these scooters are rented through a smartphone app and they're going to be pretty annoying.

We pretty quickly noticed lots of people riding them. It was like they were an instant hit, or at least people were curious about them. I myself am curious about the coming response of our community and local government. Surely it is not legal to just park a scooter on a sidewalk, and this can't be a sustainable business model or something we'll have for very long in our town.

The scooters were often obstructing public sidewalks. I noticed that three of them were later moved to the edge of the curb -- where they threatened to obstruct vehicle traffic. The next time I went by, two of those were gone. Anyway, I hope they are gone for good soon.

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Tim said...

I read somewhere that the scooters are not allowed on sidewalks. So where are they permitted? I wouldn't want to be out in traffic on one of those. (Actually I won't be on one of those at all...). I see them on sidewalks on north campus every day now.