Irma coming to Athens

Accuweather.com is reporting that on Monday Athens will have winds of 40 mph with gusts up to 83 mph. It also looks like we will get a couple inches of rain or more. Based on all our recent storm experience, I'm guessing we will have a lot of power outages and roads blocked with fallen trees. How rare is it to have tropical storms this far inland?


Adrian Pritchett said...

Update: A newer forecast calls for winds of 26 mph up to 52 mph, much less severe.

Tim said...

I sat on my front porch pretty much all day watching it blow. I had to put on a coat, that was some chilly rain/wind blowing. I did notice something that I can't explain. When the gusts would intensify it got visibly brighter. Then when the gusts died down a little, it got visibly darker/gloomier. I suppose it had to do with some could dynamics but I am not really sure of that.
I stayed out there a long time, it isn't too often that you can sit on your porch and watch a tropical system blow through. We never lost power and I am glad for that. All in all an interesting day.