Oconee crackdown on distracted driving spurs ‘staggering’ number of stops

Oconee crackdown on distracted driving spurs ‘staggering’ number of stops: Oconee County Sheriff’s deputies and Georgia State Patrol troopers went looking for distracted drivers Friday morning and the number of cars they stopped surprised even them.

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Tim said...

No doubt distracted driving is an issue in Oconee County. Whats a equally big issue, and I see this every day, is that stop signs in Oconee really mean 'slow down to 15 mph or so as you roll through it to get on a main road'. One of the worst areas for this is the stop sign at Hodges Mill road and Ga 53. Cars just pull right out in front of you never really even slowing up for the intersection. Its that way for many other intersections I have observed. And the posted speed limits on 78, 53, and 316 are just general suggestions really. 'We'd like you to drive 55 but if you'd rather drive 70 thats OK too. Or 80 on 316.'
At least, thats what it looks like to me.