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Big Moe's Outlet: I just noticed this store open at 3190 Atlanta Highway, the shopping center with Ingle's and Big Lots. It appears to be a furniture store. Does anyone know much about it?

Ingle's: The Ingle's grocery store is a mystery to me -- why is it such a ghost town? The parking lot is mostly empty most of the time, they have about two registers open, and the customers are sparse. Is there simply too much competition in the area? Is the produce department inadequate? Are the prices too high?

Does anyone follow this blog anymore?

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Tim said...

I don't know how Ingles stays in business. Most locations, at least in Georgia, are in little towns or sometimes just out in the country. Driving to and from St. Simons island on a fairly regular basis I am always surprised to see an Ingles out in the middle of a cow pasture with no cars in the parking lot. Maybe its a money laundering scheme..