A few observations

 Driving back home the other day after work I happened to pull up behind a pickup truck. I noticed, dangling from the hitch receiver on that truck, a plastic replica of testicles. What the hell? When I got home I hit the internet and discovered these are called Truck Nuts. Outside of demonstrating very poor taste in decor, what is this trying to say? What meaning is intended?

I listen to a lot of radio. I have always been a radio junkie. Here lately, and this is particularly true of NPR, I have noticed that when the interviewer asks the interviewee a question, the response more often than not, starts with SOOO. Interviewer--What lead you to attempt to unicycle across the country? Interviewee -- So I was sitting in my recliner wondering what I could do to combat global warming...
I find it tedious.

I go to a lot of UGA baseball games, have been for years. I noticed years ago that the Dipping Dots cart pronounces that Dipping Dots are the 'Ice Cream of the Future'. When does that future arrive? I have yet to see Dipping Dots in a grocery store along with the old fashioned and terribly obsolete Blue Bell ice cream.


Adrian Pritchett said...

Those nuts are still better than the tiger tail I saw on a UGA truck on a Friday before a Clemson game.

I thought about listing some of your articles for the Tim Tale's section under a section called "Crotchety Old Man" but thought I would keep it positive. :-)

Tim said...