Rate local news sources

To keep up with local news, I browse some of these sources:

Which sources do you use and prefer? What are some additional sources? The Flagpole is number one, of course.


Tim said...

I tell you one on your list that is the pits and thats the onlineathens.com site. What a terrible newspaper and a terrible site. I check it out about once a month and sure enough, it gets worse each time. The latest version scatters ads throughout the content areas. Obviously the news is secondary to the ads.
I like flagpole and hit that site once a day. I know its not local but google news is my other go-to source.
Red & Black, not so much. I was getting a haircut last week downtown and heard some other customers talking about a limb falling on a student on north campus over near the law school. I could find no mention of it on either the R&B site or onlineathens. Weak...

Adrian Pritchett said...

There was a serious pedestrian accident in March that I never found news about. Athens does not have complete news coverage where the police reports are browsed or other bases covered on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Google News shows me Online Athens articles, so it does not really find any additional sources for me.