ZIP code changes from years ago

I never came across any news articles about the changes in ZIP code boundaries two years ago for Athens, Bogart, and Watkinsville, but I keep coming across the changes when I see various addresses that confuse me. There is this link to the USPS website that shows an effective date in 2014, so this is really old news, but at least it summarizes the changes. Here are some locations that I have found to be affected:

  • Sam's Club at 4365 Atlanta Highway has been moved from Bogart, GA 30622 to Athens, GA 30606. A large stretch of Atlanta Highway has had this ZIP code changed.
  • Caterpillar at 250 Dozer Drive has been "moved" from Bogart to Athens, too.
  • Resource Valley at 1551 Jennings Mill Road has been changed from Bogart, GA 30622 to Watkinsville, GA 30677.
Apparently some addresses have been moved from Watkinsville to Bogart, though I have not come across any examples yet.

Google has not updated many of the businesses whose addresses have been changed. You might want to verify a ZIP code before you send mail to an address in this area.

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Tim said...

My experience with the zip code change was very negative. All of this was driven by Caterpillar in Oconee and Clarke county. Their corporate vanity seems to have preferred an Athen mailing address so the local governments of both counties rammed it through. It broke Oconee's 911 system. It moved thousands of people, me included, from a Watkinsville address and zip code to a Bogart address and zip code. This broke my home security system, my debit and credit cards and necessitated numerous calls by me to straighten out the mess. All for corporate vanity. I always tell folks if you are in the market for heavy equipment don't buy Caterpillar. (like most folks are in that market..HA.).
The good news is that Caterpillar as a corporation is really starting to struggle, they bet big on a global construction boom which never materialized, so maybe the bastards will get their due.