762 area code rocking along

The 762 area code has been in place in Athens for years now, which is why we have had mandatory 10-digit dialing in place since 2006 (if you still use a landline and know what that means). 762 is one of those overlays covering the whole 706 area code, including Columbus and Augusta. We are recently noticing these numbers in actual use around here, so don't be confused if someone gives you a number starting with 762. For example, T-Mobile phones are being assigned local Athens numbers starting with 762-728. The other exchange number in Athens right now is 762-499, which has shown up on voice-over-IP phones.

Don't forget that there are locally dialed number in the relatively new 470 area code, too, as those are showing up in Winder and Bogart. Athens now has five different area codes covering locally-dialed numbers, so it's harder and harder to identify local calls on caller ID.

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