Athens music scene fiction

What a neat idea. There is a new novel called Forty Watt Flowers by Colleen M. Subasic about a band trying to make it in the Athens music scene. The press release says:
As Georgia Bulldog season gets into high gear it’s easy to forget that it’s also book season. This year, Athens’ residents who are more prone to stick their nose in a book than root for the red and black throng may have something to curl up with: a novel set in the Athens, GA music scene.
The Forty Watt Flowers, a novel by Colleen M. Subasic, celebrates Athens’ in all its funky-punky-spunky glory, from the six songs played twice by the B-52s at a frat on Milledge Avenue to the music love-in that is AthFest.
The story follows an unlikely collection of women as they learn how to invest all the passion, pain and glory of their lives into their sound. In the telling, readers are introduced to local icons such as the Tree That Owns Itself and 8-Track Gorilla; taken on a tour of the blisters, disappointments and joys of writing a song; and, whisked into clubs where the air smells of stale beer and hope. 

According to the excerpt available online, this novel is set in the late 1990s. That was probably a good time when some folks were still trying to capture the magic of the previous two decades.

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