Would Jesus drive like a jerk?

I have the misfortune of having to commute on US78 out in Oconee. Misfortune you ask? Yes indeed, that takes me right by the campus of that ever growing cancer known as Prince Avenue Baptist church/school/etc. Every morning I get passed by big SUVs with PAC stickers and Romney or Bush campaign bumper stickers. These folks blow by me, whip in front of me in an effort to put at least one more vehicle behind them as they deliver their children to be brainwashed. This morning it was a mom with a cellphone in her ear, as she passed me on the left she then merged over in front of me almost hitting me. If that was an isolated incident I'd say whatever, but this happens at least 3 times a week. A lot of those SUVs have those annoying little stick figures on the back, a father figure, a mother figure and one or more kid figures and pet figures, as if anyone really cares what the composition of their family is.
On a more positive note, I saw an SUV last month that had the father figure, a mother figure, and two coat hanger figures. That made me laugh.

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