Seeking weight loss participants - UGA study

Research Study
65 to 80 year old Female Participants Needed
for a Weight Loss Study

Non-smoking females needed for a 7 month study examining the effects of a diet and exercise intervention on weight loss and feelings of fatigue.
The intervention will be performed by the Department of Kinesiology
at the University of Georgia.

Participants may be asked to incorporate 1 serving of beef into their daily diet.  Participants may also be asked to participate in three days of exercise training weekly at the University of Georgia.

Participants can earn up to $100.00
with successful completion of the study.

Due to the nature of the study, we cannot accept individuals with dietary restrictions that do not allow for the consumption of beef and individuals with a history of weight loss surgery or those currently using weight loss medications.

If you are interested in participating,
please contact Rachelle from the Body Composition and Metabolism Lab:
Principal Investigator: Ellen M. Evans, PhD (emevans@uga.edu)

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