Midnight 5K foot race in Boulevard area

From the email:

On Friday, March 22 LEAD Athens will be holding a 5k road race that will begin at midnight and run along portions of Childs St, Barrow St, Barber St, Boulevard, Pound St, Yonah Ave, and Park Ave.... The race begins at the St. Joseph’s Church campus parking lot on Childs St. All runners are expected to be off the road by 1:00 AM. We are asking residents and the general public to please refrain from driving on these roads during this time. This fundraiser is designed so that current and future graduates of LEAD Athens can support a community outreach need and show their commitment to the health and welfare of our vibrant city. This race will be so much more fun for our runners if we have the support of the neighborhood! Please make plans to cheer them on from you lawns Friday night. If you’re a runner we’d love for you to participate! For more information please visit us at http://www.facebook.com/LEADAthensMidnight5k. For registration please visit http://www.active.com/running/athens-ga/lead-athens-midnight-5k-2013.

I posted this after early registration ended. Sorry about that. But who wants to go cheer on runners at midnight? It might be a totally different crowd from those early-morning runners.

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