Changes at Daily Groceries

From Athens Patch: Daily Groceries To Change Patronage Model

Worker discounts are out; member shares are in. Prices are expected to drop for all shoppers.


Chickens on the road side

I am used to seeing the occasional dead chicken on the side of the road. We are, after all, a leading producer of poultry in this state. Lately however I have been seeing lots more dead white chickens on the road sides in Clarke and Oconee counties. Has loading chickens into those wooden cages become a lost art? Last week I saw 2 on the side of the 10 loop (we used to call that the bypass) in Clarke County and at 4 on 53 between Butlers Crossing in Oconee. Yes, I know those are routes that the chicken trucks take but those trucks are depositing more birds on the side of the road it seems. Anyone else notice this?