Atlanta Highway Signs

So, driving in to work this morning on the Atlanta Highway, I noticed an exterminating company sign. In the spirit of the season (I suppose) the sign marquis read "Not A Creature Was Stirring".
Hmmm. I laughed a little bit at that.

And when did businesses decide it is a good idea to hire folks to stand on the side of the road waving handheld signs? That makes me less inclined to stop by the business. And I really don't have any scrap gold to get rid of anyway..

GA Republicans Fight to Ease Gun Restrictions After Sandy Hook « Georgia Progress

GA Republicans Fight to Ease Gun Restrictions After Sandy Hook « Georgia Progress

UGA to participate in nationwide observance at 9:30 Friday morning




The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile has been sighted in Athens. I did not get a press release this time to know anything about its adventures this week.


Let the hammer up on West Broad

Eastbound West Broad Street near King Avenue, brush your teeth and comb your hair 'cause Smokey's takin' pictures.

I don't know how often the county police run radar at that location, but an officer is out there this morning.


Rockinwood Drive Residence Hit by Burglar

It sucks that people are getting burglarized anytime, but especially during the holidays. Talk to your neighbors, make sure you know who is leaving when, and if they have animal sitters, etc. coming over to take care of things during the Christmas and New Year's breaks.

Rockinwood Drive Residence Hit by Burglar

The next Bubba Sparxxx video in Athens

From Average Joes Entertainment:

Country rapper and platinum-selling star, Bubba Sparxxx, will shoot his new video, "Country Folks," December 20 in Athens, Georgia. The video will feature Average Joes Entertainment label-mates Colt Ford and REHAB’s Danny Boone. "Country Folks" is the first single from Sparxxx’s new album, "Pain Management," scheduled for release in 2013.
"Country Folks," was written by Andy Mathis, Colt Ford, Danny Alexander, Shannon "Fat Shan" Houchins and Mike Hartnett. The video, directed by Paul Cain, will feature Bubba Sparxxx returning home to his people.