FBI Executes Search and Arrest Warrants in Oconee County

A little Sons of Anarchy right here in little old Oconee County.
FBI Executes Search and Arrest Warrants in Oconee County

Student journalists abandon the Red & Black newspaper

Flagpole: In the Loop: Red & Black and Red All Over.
Blog: Red & Dead.

The protest is over non-students taking editorial control over the newspaper. I wonder what kind of resolution will be found and am curious about how this will develop. Student journalists need an outlet, and the Red & Black needs content to draw advertisers.


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Crazy traffic this week

From the police:

Citizens are reminded that University of Georgia residence halls will open Tuesday, August 7, for residents to move in for Fall Semester. This will create traffic congestion in the Baxter St and Lumpkin St areas. Motorists are encouraged to avoid these areas if at all possible. If you must travel these streets, allow more time for your commute and watch for vehicles pulling in and out as well as pedestrians.

Sorority Rush also begins Tuesday, August 7, and will run through Monday, August 13. This will create additional traffic on Milledge Ave. Please be aware of the buses stopping to load and unload.

Clarke County Schools will begin classes Wednesday, August 8. Motorists are reminded that the speed limit in the well-marked school zones is 25 mph. School zones are indicated by white lettering on the roadway as well as signs on the side of the road with yellow blinking lights. These signs are operational before schools begin and when schools let out. These times vary from the type of school (elementary, middle, or high school). Be aware of the School Crossing Guards in these areas who assist children who walk to and from school and follow their directions.

Motorists are also reminded to stop for school buses when they are loading or unloading children. If there is no median, all lanes of traffic in both directions are required to stop. If there is a median, only the lanes of traffic traveling behind the bus are required to stop. Slow down and watch for children who might be running to or from the bus stop.

With the increase of vehicular traffic, motorists are asked to not enter an intersection unless they can clear it on the other side entirely. Motorists should be careful not to block intersections when traffic backs up, especially when lights change to red. This causes traffic to back up on side streets as well.