Neal Boortz: It may be time for Herman Cain to think about leaving race

Neal Boortz: It may be time for Herman Cain to think about leaving race

Eva Galambos reading at UGA Main Library

Mayor Eva Galambos, fearless and unwavering champion of the City of Sandy Springs, Georgia, has written a fascinating book chronicling her very good life.  Escaping the Nazi terror in Germany to her arrival at the University of Georgia in Athens is a most remarkable story.

Please join us for a book reading and signing by Eva Galambos, Mayor of Sandy Springs, GA
Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 4:00p.m. - 1st Floor Reading Room, Main Library.

We hope you can join us.


Concert at 40 Watt to benefit Whatever It Takes

The Futurebirds, Patterson Hood, Woodfangs, Claire Campbell, and My Cousin, The Emperor are lined up for a show at the 40 Watt Club on December 6 at 8 p.m. to benefit Whatever It Takes, an Athens non-profit working to break the cycle of poverty through education. This concert is organized by Poverty Is Real and will be presented by Flagpole.

Poverty Is Real has the mission of organizing concerts in different cities to promote efforts to combat issues such as poverty, abuse, and homelessness at the local level. The group partners with established local organizations and reaches out to musicians to create a benefit concert series. Proceeds raised at the show in Athens will benefit Whatever It Takes. This is the second concert of the series, with the first show in Decatur in June benefitting Decatur Cooperative Ministry.

The generous support for this show comes from Flagpole, the 40 Watt Club, Barnes Law Group, and Red Eye Gravy Records. Admission in advance is $10 plus a $2 service charge.


UGA's Russell Library on the move & special collections library update

 for those who might be interested...
Russell Library is Going West!
Russell Library, University of Georgia Libraries
Move and Access Update: Bulletin #3

From November 10, 2011 through December 22, 2011, patrons may access Russell Library collections by advanced appointment only in the new Special Collections Libraries Building located at 300 South Hull Street.

To make an advance research appointment, request materials, and receive an orientation to using Russell collections in the new location, please submit an email to russlib@uga.edu, or call 706-542-5766.

UNTIL JANUARY 2012, researchers cannot access the new building TO DO RESEARCH without FIRST making an appointment!

• Regular research access resumes on January 2, 2012.

• Special Collections Libraries Building dedication is February 17, 2012.

• Russell Exhibition Galleries open in mid February 2012.

For more information about arranging research access during fall 2011, please contact Russell archivists at russlib@uga.edu or 706-542-5766.

For general updates and news about the Russell Library and its westward journey, please visit any of the following information points:

• Web Site: www.libs.uga.edu/russell
• Russell Blog: http://rbrl.blogspot.com
• Twitter: @RussellLibrary
• Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/fbrusslib

Russell Library will share space in the new building with Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library and the Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection. For information regarding their respective moving schedules and access to their collections, please visit:

• Special Collections Building Web Page: www.libs.uga.edu/sclb/index.html
• UGA Libraries’ News Blog: www.libs.uga.edu/blog/?p=4948
• Hargrett Library Web Site: www.libs.uga.edu/hargrett/index.shtml
• Brown Media Archives Web Site: www.libs.uga.edu/media/index.html


AT&T Wireless will launch 4G network in Athens

AT&T Wireless has announced that it will be launching its fourth-generation wireless network known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Athens next week. Their new smartphones will be available here starting on Sunday, November 6, the same day that the new network will launch. Athens will be the second city in Georgia and one of only nine cities across the nation to have a full LTE buildout at this time. While I do not have the technical details in front of me, this is supposed to mean that higher upload and download speeds for data transfer will be available. AT&T cites Athens' concentration of colleges as making it a priority to expand this service here. You can write comments here to let me know how it works out.

Drinking Liberally Athens on Occupy Wall Street at 7:00 tonight

From the Athens chapter of Drinking Liberally:

We the administrators of your friendly neighborhood Drinking Liberally - Athens were thinking the other day: "What do we think of the Occupy Movement?" (Full disclosure: We didn't all think this out loud at the same time or manifest psychic powers). We talked about it for a bit and we came to the same conclusion...

We like it.

There are protests like it in over 900 cities worldwide. Nine hundred cities worldwide.

Whether you call yourself liberal, conservative or the Rent Too Damn High guy we all agree with one thing: It certainly feels like the process and the power have been pulled out of our hands.

That is in the interest of everyone.

That is in short what the Occupy Movement is about.

If you cannot stand out with the group at the Arches, on Wall Street or where ever, what can you do?

Well there is still a lot. We feel like a lot of good can come from it.

Please join us at Little Kings this Thursday at 7. We're going to talk about where we might go from here. We need others who are interested in moving forward to join us. Not in some kind of crazy way. With civility & justice. We will succeed. It's just better if you are there.

All are welcome. Forward this invite. Spread the word. See you later