Drinking Liberally tonight at Little Kings

From the Athens Chapter of Drinking Liberally:

The news has got my head spinning. Occupy Wall St gathering more protesters & the spotlight everyday, the whole Republican nomination process & all of its characters (almost lost in the news cycle Palin announces she will not run), the Koch Brothers sales to Iran you can see why I'm dizzy.

Which makes me want to have a beer, sit with some nice people & talk about it. We have a topic prepared but Occupy Wall Street & it's local off shoots will probably hold our attention. Especially since they'll be in protest and hopefully in full force a few blocks away.

But the back up topic is basically how much do we compromise to get something, anything done? Discussion, about Occupy Wall Street or political deadlock is open to everyone and anyone who's willing to have a discussion with a civil tongue. For you right wingers that means "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Look it up

The only way to make it all worth while is for you to make an appearance, share a drink and a laugh and a thought or two. See you at 7 Thursday Oct 6th, Little Kings Shuffle Club.

Let's get the word out. Thanks

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