Bike Master Plan meeting

The University of Georgia Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning and the Athens-Clarke County Department of Transportation and Public Works are holding  campus and community meetings to solicit comments and suggestions from interested students, faculty, staff and ACC residents about current county and university planning efforts to update the ACC Bike Master Plan and the UGA Bike Master Plan.

Meetings will be held on October 13th at 7:00pm at the Athens Clarke County Planning Department, located at 120 Dougherty Street and on October 19th at 4:00pm on the University of Georgia Campus in Room 250 of the Zell B. Miller Learning Center, located at 48 Baxter Street.

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Haunted gatherings

Please feel free to share info about haunted gatherings (haunted houses, ghost tours, parades, etc.) as you hear of them. Audience levels are as stated on the website.

Haunted Houses & Ghostly walks 
  • Haunted Hike  20 October- 31 October Location The Sandbar, Bowman, GA
    Haunted Hike! $8 Admission (cash only), and snacks available! Please bring cash only!
    The Hike will be going on Oct. 20-22 and 27-31 and consist of a roughly 30 minute walk through forest trails beside the river. Please dress for cool weather and a hike in the woods!

    Audience level: This event may not be for the faint of heart. Once on the trail, there may be no way to turn back and one must continue until the end.

  • Watkinsville Ghost Tours: Oct. 7 - ? walking tour starts at Eagle Tavern, Watkinsville, GA
    Tour host Melissa Piche tells ghoulish tales from the past or the present. Tours offered every Friday and Saturday 8pm; Price: $12 per adult/$20 per couple/ Children 12 and under $7/ 3 or more children $5: Audience level: All ages  > more

Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes & Hayrides
  •  Washington Farm Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze, Watkinsville, GA (check homepage for hours or call 706-769-0627 : Pumpkin Patch, T-Fri 3:00pm until 7pm Saturday: 9:00am until dark, Sunday: 1:00pm until 6:00pm ; Corn Maze late hours: T: 6pm- 0 pm; Fri: 3-11pm; Sat: 9AM-11pm; Sunday 1-6pm Audience: All ages
  • Milledge Ave Pumpkin Patch, Milledge Ave Baptist Church, Athens, GA; hours:   M-Fri 12-8pm;  Saturday-9am to 8pm;  Sunday-12-6pm;  Prices range from $.50 to $20.00; Audience: All ages
Festivals & more 
Children Halloween Carnival : Athens, Ga. Oct. 26, 5-6:30pm East Athens Community Center, (706) 613-3593 Fee: $3 ACC resident; $5 Non-resident Audience k-6
full moon scary night.jpg
Games, activities, face painting, “scary” story readings and haunted

  • Halloween "Spooktacular" Carnival Athens, GA,  October 27 6–8 pm; $3 ACC resident; $5 Non- resident; Location: Lay Park, 706-613–3596; Audience: ages 5-12: Carnival style program includes Halloween-themed games, a costume contest, candy and more. Ages: 5 – 12

  • Memorial Park Halloween Carnival, Athens, GA, Oct 27,5–8pm,$4 per child (No charge for parents/ guardians) ake a haunted trick-or-treat tour of Bear Hollow Zoo & Halloween carnival. Stories, games, activities and more. Costume contest every hour! Purchase tickets the night of the event. Audience: ages 2-12, must be accompanied by a parent, for more info: Memorial Park, 706- 613-3580


Lawrence retiring after 26 years on State Court bench | Online Athens

Lawrence retiring after 26 years on State Court bench | Online Athens

Demonstration at the Arch

Since yesterday there have been demonstrators at the Arch showing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement going on in New York City and spreading to other cities in the U.S. Today I overheard a gentleman discussing our local demonstrators with a friend, and he remarked: "They're protesting poverty. What do you want me to do about it? Go get a job, a**hole."

Here is what you can do about it. You can be open-minded to the message that our country is experiencing a severe economic problem right now. Jobs are not like coconuts lying on the ground waiting to be picked up. From my professional prospective, I can tell you that in the Athens area there are talented, hardworking people who have been employed in successful positions and run multimillion-dollar businesses but are now shut out of the economy, either desperately underemployed or desperately searching for any job whatsoever.

You might tell them to "Get a job, a**hole," but I guarantee you they have already thought of that. I have no simple solutions to propose, and the Occupy Wall Street movement has a hopeless and absurdly long litany of grievances, but one message to be heard is that we need rational, open-minded debate in our society, not epithets and platitudes.


Drinking Liberally tonight at Little Kings

From the Athens Chapter of Drinking Liberally:

The news has got my head spinning. Occupy Wall St gathering more protesters & the spotlight everyday, the whole Republican nomination process & all of its characters (almost lost in the news cycle Palin announces she will not run), the Koch Brothers sales to Iran you can see why I'm dizzy.

Which makes me want to have a beer, sit with some nice people & talk about it. We have a topic prepared but Occupy Wall Street & it's local off shoots will probably hold our attention. Especially since they'll be in protest and hopefully in full force a few blocks away.

But the back up topic is basically how much do we compromise to get something, anything done? Discussion, about Occupy Wall Street or political deadlock is open to everyone and anyone who's willing to have a discussion with a civil tongue. For you right wingers that means "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Look it up

The only way to make it all worth while is for you to make an appearance, share a drink and a laugh and a thought or two. See you at 7 Thursday Oct 6th, Little Kings Shuffle Club.

Let's get the word out. Thanks


Wilson Soul Food Closes

I wasn't a regular at Wilson Soul Food, but sad to see it go. Story at the ABH:
Wilson’s Soul Food, Athens’ oldest soul food restaurant, closed today, another casualty of the hard financial times, the owners said.


Cedar Shoals High School Concert Choir pancake breakfast

Did someone say pancakes? From the email:

The Cedar Shoals High School Concert Choir will be selling tickets for a PANCAKE BREAKFAST on Saturday, October 15, 7:30 am - 10:30 am. The Breakfast will be held at Fatz Café on Lexington Road. Tickets are $7.00 and children under 6 are Free. These students will be singing in CARNEGIE HALL in April 2012 and the proceeds from this Breakfast will help finance this incredible trip! Contact Linda Moon, Choral Director at moonli@clarke.k12.ga.us or Choral Booster Club parent Angela Johnson at ang_johnson@bellsouth.net or (706) 543-8560 for tickets for the breakfast or more information.