Visual Culture Colloquium

Visual Culture Colloquium


Established in fall of 2008, the Visual Culture Colloquium brings together under one rubric lectures given at the LDSOA which adopt a scholarly approach to the field of art history, broadly conceived. An integral part of the Colloquium are those lectures organized by graduate students in the history of art under the auspices of A.G.A.S., (Association of Graduate Art History Students), to which we now add lectures by our own graduate students and faculty.

Comprised of scholars from universities and museums, both here and abroad, as well as graduate students and faculty from the LDSOA, the Visual Culture Colloquium is conceived as an integral part of graduate education in art history at UGA and is meant to provide a forum for scholarly exchange among interested parties.

Presentations will cover a wide range of subject matter and vary in format from traditional, 20-minute conference papers to more formal, one-hour lectures. All presentations will take place on Thursdays at 5:00 pm in LDSOA Rm. S 150 unless otherwise noted. Receptions may precede or follow some lectures, as indicated on the schedule below.

2010-2011 Visual Culture Colloquium

Upcoming talks (dates to be announced)
Professor Isabelle Wallace

On Rivalry and Retribution: Sacrifice and Ritual in the Art of Paul Pfeiffer

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