Falafel King Cafe

This restaurant has the best falafel I have ever eaten. This stuff is so good that I don't even see the point of trying the other menu items. I would recommend you check this out, and it is located at 1074 Baxter Street in what is obviously an old Pizza Hut building. I am not even the type of person to explore much international or vegetarian fare, but the falafel is spicy and satisfying. Here is a story from Online Athens last year about the place.


Katie said...

Adrian, are they still open? I've been trying to sample some of their fare for weeks, but no one is ever there when I go :(

Adrian Pritchett said...

They are still in operation. I saw on their posted hours that they are closed on Mondays. Otherwise, I am not sure if they are cutting hours or not. They don't have much of a dinner crowd for some reason, but it looks like they get hit up for lunch. I think they might have some problems with their location and operations, but their falafel is really good.