Bankruptcy lawyer in Athens

I usually don't plug my own business here on Athens World, but I do have a local business of interest that helps a lot of people in tough financial situations. I am still working as a bankruptcy attorney serving clients in Athens and the surrounding area, and it has been a rewarding job. My style is to honestly evaluate prospective clients' finances and help them learn about their options. I do not want to be pushy, and I want my clients to be comfortable making an informed choice. There are a lot of people I turn away or tell to check back with me later when bankruptcy may not help at the time. You can learn more about my services on my law office's website or read my blog about bankruptcy issues.

In addition to being able to help my clients, another good thing about bankruptcy practice is that the other lawyers are collegial and relaxed. It is easy to imagine that we are all "gellin'" like in those certain TV commercials about a brand of insole for shoes. Working in divorce court is different, though, and it is always kind of funny to see a divorce lawyer come into the bankruptcy arena and try to stir up drama. (We don't let it happen. Go back to superior court if you want to play hotshot lawyer.)

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