Animal voices Film Festival

just posting for those who might be interested:
Animal Voices Film Festival

Every Tuesday in February at 7:30 pm

UGA Miller Learning Center room 171

You are invited as the 6th annual Animal Voices Film Festival presents four weeks of free films that explore the animal world and human relationships with other species! Each film will be followed by a discussion led by an expert on the topic.

Sponsored by:
Speak Out for Species, Students for Environmental Action, and the UGA Student Animal Legal Defense Fund in partnership with the EcoFocus Film Festival

The festival kicks off on February 1st with CALL OF LIFE, the first feature-length documentary to investigate the threat posed by the rapid and massive loss of biodiversity on the planet.

Life itself is vanishing. All over the world, animal and plant species are disappearing at an unprecedented and alarming rate. If current trends continue, half or more of all species on Earth will become extinct within the next few decades. Featuring leading scientists, environmentalists and other experts, CALL OF LIFE explores the scope, the causes, and the global impact of a mass extinction occurring on a scale not seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Discussion will be led by John Gittleman, Ph.D., Dean of the University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology.

Please visit the festival website to learn about other upcoming films!

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