Campus cats donation box

I know that some of you are not fans of TNR or even these groups, so if you're not, just ignore this post -- as with everything I post. ;-)

After an absence of several months while Earth Fare was undergoing remodelling, the donation box for Campus Cats is back!

Right now you can find it just inside the entrance, to the left, near the rack that holds community magazines and newspapers, like Critter Magazine.

We can always use donations of canned and dry cat food, paper towels, HE laundry detergent, cat toys, and cat litter. While it's fine to occasionally put in items purchased at other stores, Earth Fare allows our box to be there because they hope you will purchase the items from their store for donation. If you have large donations of cat litter, cat food, sheets, towels, old t-shirts, stacks of newspaper, bags of clean plastic shopping bags, cat carriers, etc. please contact Catzip http://catzip.org/czaaboutus.html Someone will even arrange pick it up from your house or place of work.

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