Craiglist buyers stealing motorcycles

Notice from the Athens-Clarke County Police:
There have been four recent thefts of motorcycles where the suspect has contacted private sellers from Craigslist, arranged to meet at a certain location, asked to test drive the motorcycle, and never returns. In each instance, there has been two black male suspects and the meeting place is in close proximity to accessible dirt trails. The thefts occurred on June 26, July 18, July 20, and August 5. The potential buyers have been discrete about their identity and used multiple phone numbers in setting up the original meeting. Sellers should be aware of potential scams, discourage meeting in unfamiliar areas, and use caution in allowing unknown persons possession of personal property without first positively identifying potential buyers.
Anyone with information on or contact with such individuals or transactions is asked to contact Det. L. Glenn at 706-353-4218 ext. 138.

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