Bulldogs nearing sellout of opener | UGA sports blog

Buy a ticket to the game and join me and my son in the 600 level
Bulldogs nearing sellout of opener | UGA sports blog

Mayoral candidate forum

I attended the mayoral candidate forum hosted by the Clarke County Republican Party last Saturday evening. I enjoyed conversation along with the barbecue that was provided. The event was held outdoors where the weather stayed pleasant, and the candidates were seated in rocking chairs near a backdrop painted with what looked like a Revolutionary War scene. Hearing the candidates speak only confirmed my observation that making a choice in the mayor's race is going to be difficult because we have a number of qualified and passionate candidates seeking the office. The floor is open for comments here.


Barnes blasts stem cell restriction || OnlineAthens.com

Barnes blasts stem cell restriction || OnlineAthens.com

Update on J&J Chemical Co. spill

From the Georgia Environmental Protection Division via Athens-Clarke County:

[August 26, 2010] Low levels of chemicals continue to be found in creek water downstream from the site of a burned chemical plant in Athens-Clarke County and as a result, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) will continue to test water quality in the area.

The J&J Chemical Co. plant caught fire July 28 and runoff from the firefighting carried the chemicals paradichlorobenzene and formaldehyde into nearby Trail Creek, which flows into the North Oconee and Oconee rivers. The runoff also contained a nontoxic blue dye, which the company used to produce a toilet bowl cleaner.

The latest test results show levels of formaldehyde at 350 parts per billion (ppb) and 240 ppb at Olympic Drive and Dudley Park, respectively. Those levels are higher than samples taken a week earlier and may be the result of rain washing chemicals from low lying areas along the creek. Paradichlorobenzene was measured at 170 ppb at Olympic Drive, but was not detected at Dudley Park. While chemical concentrations at those levels do not pose a threat to human health, EPD will continue to recommend people and pets stay out of the creek.

EPD also has completed another round of testing for the city of Greensboro drinking water system. The latest results, like the earlier samples, did not show the presence of chemicals. Greensboro's drinking water taps are closest to the plant site, although they are 23 miles downstream and across a portion of Lake Oconee.

EPD also has approved the company's site remediation plan, which explains the measures the company will take to properly clean up the soil contamination on the property and the sediment in the creek. The site remediation is expected to be completed no later than January 2011.


Highspeed internet choices

What are choices for highspeed internet in athens?
Let's hear 'em...

Just looking at options right now.


A Time for Choosing — Peach Pundit

A Time for Choosing — Peach Pundit

Go Green Summer Music Series

from Athens Land Trust...
The next show in the Hotel Indigo's Go Green Summer Music Series is coming up, and it's one you won't want to miss!

Art Rosenbaum will perform next Thursday, August 12 at the Rialto Room.
The show starts at 8; doors open at 7. For tickets or more information, see www.indigoathens.com/gogreen.html

Art Rosenbaum is a Grammy-winning collector and performer of traditional American folk music. He is equally renowned as a painter and muralist, and is emeritus professor of drawing and painting at the UGA Lamar Dodd School of Art. More information about Art and his work can be found at http://artrosenbaum.org/.

The Go Green Music Series features 14 concerts between June 2010 and June 2011 showcasing some amazing performers - with a portion of the proceeds from each show going to benefit ALT and the Oconee River Land

Thank you to our friends at Hotel Indigo, and we hope to see you at a concert soon!


Craiglist buyers stealing motorcycles

Notice from the Athens-Clarke County Police:
There have been four recent thefts of motorcycles where the suspect has contacted private sellers from Craigslist, arranged to meet at a certain location, asked to test drive the motorcycle, and never returns. In each instance, there has been two black male suspects and the meeting place is in close proximity to accessible dirt trails. The thefts occurred on June 26, July 18, July 20, and August 5. The potential buyers have been discrete about their identity and used multiple phone numbers in setting up the original meeting. Sellers should be aware of potential scams, discourage meeting in unfamiliar areas, and use caution in allowing unknown persons possession of personal property without first positively identifying potential buyers.
Anyone with information on or contact with such individuals or transactions is asked to contact Det. L. Glenn at 706-353-4218 ext. 138.


David Barbe to serve as interim director of UGA’s Music Business Certificate Program

David Barbe to serve as interim director of UGA’s Music Business Certificate Program

Deserted weekend

This past weekend was one of the more deserted weekends in the ATH due to the break between summer and spring semesters at the University of Georgia. There were noticeably fewer people milling about downtown and more available parking spaces. On Saturday night I actually found a free table at Trappeze. I suppose this was the calm before the storm, however, since people are counting down the days before college football season. And it appears that people are moving back into town already because I noticed that a local U-Haul location has parked a lot more trucks and trailers than usual. This is part of the cycle of activity and population in our town.