Flyball event

Well, I certainly had never heard of this. ;-)
Double Dog Dare (the flyball team that is from here in Athens and the surrounding area) is holding its annual tournament July 10-11 at the Classic Center. If you haven't seen flyball you should definitely check it out! There will be several UGA students and employees with dogs running and they are super fast. Admission is $2 for adults. You can check out the club's website here


We are expecting 24 clubs running 53 teams for a total of 250 dogs! The best part is that it is all being held indoors with the A/C on!

If you do plan on coming please leave any spectator dogs at home. Thanks!


Polusplanchnos said...

Robin, check the link; it's referring from your email. Cutting and pasting it is fine.

I also found this:

It looks to be last year's competition.

Unknown said...

I fixed it. sorry, I sometimes forget to check my links from copy and paste. I hope the new email system doesn't do this.