Library survey -- your opinion matters!

Athens-Clarke County Library is conducting an online library user survey and would really appreciate everyone's feedback. The survey web site is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M2JD393 or it can be reached from the A-CC Library main web page: http://www.clarke.public.lib.ga.us/

Thanks very much!


Anonymous said...

Robin- the first URL returns page not found and the second is coded incorrectly because of what would seem to be a typo.... :) Thanks for the info though- I am definitely wanting to respond to this survey.

Anonymous said...

It seems the links as they read and must have been typed originally were correct but the anchor tags have typos. Not complainin or nothin like that, just wanted to bring it to your attention. :)

I did just take the survey; thanks again!

Unknown said...

I think it's finally fixed. I tried to copy + paste from email but apparently that didn't work so well.

Winfield J. Abbe said...

Hello Robin Fay. For those who may not know, Ms. Fay is a librarian at the UGA Library. She obviously cares about libraries as do my wife Mary Anne Abbe and I.
My late Mother Helga Marie Abbe earned an A.B. degree in English from the University of Minnesota and later a MLS degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After teaching high school in Minnesota and raising four children, she returned to work and retired as a children's librarian from the Los Angeles County Public LIbrary in Los Angeles, California.
She loved books and learning as did my late Father Charles E. Abbe.
She inspired me to a life of learning. She used to read books like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to me as a child.
My wife and I have donated books to both the UGA Library and the Athens Clarke County Library. One of my own books is in both: "An Unsuccessful Effort to Deny Use of State of GEorgia FAcilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society", May, 2000, which was researched and written as a result of my wife's near death right here in Athens, at Athens Regional Medical Center, not from breast cancer, but treatment. The corrupt American Cancer Society fosters most of the dangerous, unsafe and worthless toxic drug "treatments" for cancer in this country but they seek to fool unwitting cancer patients about it all at fund raising time, fraudulently seeking to fleece money from them and their loved ones for their failed programs which have failed now for over 40 years.
My wife and I have donated $3,000 to the Athens Library Capital Fund. That is how much we care about the library.
I have these suggestions for the Athens Public Library:
1. The rules should be changed to prohibit all eating and drinking in the library. The library is a place for reading and thinking, not socializing and eating and drinking.
2. Rules to maintain a quiet learning envionment must be enforced however politically incorrect or difficult they may be.
The library is not a place for socializing; it is a place for reading and thinking.
3. A book must not be judged by its cover or its publisher or the name of its author or anything other than the quality of its content. Some content may be objectionable to others and offend them. That is too bad. If one errs, one must err on the side of openness and objectivity and intellectual honesty. The library is the last and final bastion of freedom of thought and expression we have. Even the published rules and principles of the American Library Association are under constant pressure and attack by narrow, selfish, closed minded interests who seek to censor politically incorrect material.
Institutional censorhip is now rampant with various librarians seeking to reject material if not published by an "approved" publishing house. This activity is very dangerous and leads only down to the cesspool of censorhip and the drowning of true new ideas.
Activity like this, for example, is among the reasons why the war on cancer is such a dismal failure after squandering over $100 billion public and private dollars on it for over half a century, but the cancer generals of that war cannot even tell you scientifically what cancer is, let alone how to cure and prevent the disease. Obviously they are corrupted by drug companies and drug company money. The act with blinders on and look nowhere else for any solutions let alone the prevention of cancer with nutrition. Librarians must be constantly vigilant and must remain totally independent from the corrupting influences of big media and big publishing houses which mostly publish propaganda garbage for the brain washing of the dumbed down population of America today.
Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
Citizen of Athens for 44+ years.

Unknown said...

I've been outed. LOL
Winfield, I would suggest you fill out the library survey, if you haven't already. I seem to remember there are room for comments, too.

Anonymous said...

"I've been outed. LOL

(shaking fist in the air) Win-FIEEEEEEEEEEELD!

Winfield J. Abbe - you eccentric old coot! God bless you.

Unknown said...

LOL It just kind of cracked me up.

Heh. Good thing I'm not secretly batgirl (who was a librarian btw)

Since I've been 'outed', you all might as well go read my blog:


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Winfield does keep the comments interesting...