John Oxendine: Birther

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

Mr. Daniel J. Matthews, Jr. is listed as "Oconee Democrat". Hello Mr. Matthews: Since you make no comment regarding this brief video, I cannot tell if you agree or disagree with the theme.
However, the site www.worldnetdaily.com contain probably the most extensive documentation of the many questions surrounding the birth status of Mr. Obama. The most recent is that an individual, now employed in the state of Kentucky, who formerly worked in the records unit in Hawaii, claims no long form birth certificate, signed by a doctor and hospital, exists at all. The short form ones are availabe to anyone without documentation and are worthless for proving birth facts. Numerous lawsuits have been filed on this subject but most judges have arbitrarily and capriciously dismissed them to avoid having any facts presented and avoid placing Mr. Obama under oath. Isn't it amazing why Mr. Obama would spend in the order of millions of dollars on lawyers seeking to obstruct and intimidate anyone seriously seeking his birth status when the U.S. Constitution clearly provides that no one can serve as president unless they are a "natural born citizen"? The longer this issue festers, the worse it will be if the likely lie is finally exposed. Mr. Obama has also refused to prove information on many other issues of his past like educational history, employment history, various writings, etc. as most other presidents have voluntarily provided. This is serious stuff.
Again, the site is www.worldnetdaily.com