Winterville Assisted Living Fundraiser -- Cakes, Pies, and a gallon of stew

Winterville Assisted Living is having a series of fundraisers to enhance recreation for its residents. So far, they've purchased a grill and a gazebo and now are aiming for more outdoor furniture and a vegetable garden. The upcoming third fundraiser includes:
- Smoked Boston butt ($25)
- Gallon of stew ($30)
- Cakes ($25)
- Pies ($12)
If you're interested, please drop your payment by to Winterville Assisted Living director Sheryee Huff (across from the Post Office on Avery Street off of Main St.) between now and this coming Friday, May 21st. Purchased items can be picked up on May 28th or May 29th.
If you have questions, please contact Sheryee Huff at 706-742-5106, shuff@ALCCO.COM This is a busy, nearly full assisted living facility, so it occasionally may take a second try at making contact.

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