Campus cats needs help for 1 day

I realize Campus Cats always could use some help, but this Thursday 5/20 @ 12:30, they have the opportunity to pick up possibly 120 16-pound bags of Friskies Signature Blend dry cat food at the Purina plant in Fairburn, GA. This will feed a lot of local cats! It's a two hour trip each way and bags will need to loaded by hand. They have 1 mini-van and 1 small covered pick-up truck going, but really need another large van or truck (and driver!) to make everything fit.

This food can only be used for foster/rescue cats or to feed ferals (as some of you may have noticed, Purina has poured alot of money into advertising their foster/rescue/shelter efforts).

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Kelly, at


Anonymous said...


You know it's not completely accepted that feeding feral cats is a good thing. The increased feeding leads to increased breeding leading to increased disease transmission between cats, between cats and wildlife and between cats and humans. Just sayin'. We should really focus our efforts on providing low cost spay/neuter to owned cats in the lower income neighborhoods of Athens.

Unknown said...

For those who do not know about Campus Cats program, it is an organized Trap, Neuter, vaccinate & Return (TNR) project. Cats are marked (ear notching) and also tested for a host of diseases. Campus Cats also foster previously feral kittens for adoption.

I do agree that lower cost spay/neuter options would be great and when I get news of mobile vet clinics, I do pass those on here, too.