Need volunteers for dog transport

This is the week of April 12...

Below is a note from Dr. Andrews regarding their transport next week of 120 dogs to Norwalk, CT for a big adopt-a-thon (many of whom are being saved from the Washington Wilkes shelter when the state told them they had to reduce their number of dogs in the shelter by more than 100 or else put them down).

Time never stands still around here! We are getting prepared for the day of transport and again are asking if there are any that can help. If you are with another rescue and are interested in transport, there is no better way to "get a handle" on what it takes like being here and helping get things ready. We would like to get groups in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the day of transport) to finalize preparations. Some examples of jobs that need to be done - Tuesday - final preparations for the trailer and road testing and beginning to load and arrange all supplies. Finishing
all paperwork.

Wednesday - start bathing some of the dogs that really need it and checking everyone to see if stitches, staples need to be removed. We are also deworming every dog beginning on Sunday and will need to do so daily until Thursday, - so we could always use help with that anytime. On Thursday the crates will need to be finalized- get bedding
put in each crate as well as water buckets and then loading will need to start around 2PM. In spite of all of our pleas, we still do not have any volunteers going with us! We would like to bring at least 4 other people with us, including another vehicle - if it sounds like I am desperate - I am!! If you know anyone who may be able to
help us, please have them call us! 706-548-2233

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