The audit (a play)

I realize this is not Athens, but nearby... ;-)

This weekend and next week, the Cold Sassy Players of Commerce GA will be featuring "The Audit". This is the next in the series of plays following the comedic misadventures of the Lumpkin Family. The showtimes are

Saturday (May 1st) - 2pm & 7pm
Monday (May 3rd) - 7pm
Tuesday (May 4th) - 7pm
Wednesday (May 5th) - Sorry, no performances on Cinco de Mayo
Thursday (May 6th) - 7pm
Friday (May 7th) - 7pm.

All performances will be held at the Commerce Cultural Center in downtown Commerce. You can purchase your tickets at the door prior to the performance.
btw, for more info: Commerce Cultural Center 706.335.2954


Andi Ayers said...

I have been trying to find out if the Cold Sassy Players are still active and when and what they might be performing. Can you help me?

Unknown said...

Andi, I really don't know anything about them.
You might try these contacts