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AUX4 Experimental Arts Festival

Saturday, April 10 from 3 PM - 2 AM
Cine and Little Kings, downtown Athens
$5 tickets for the entire day, artists market is free

AUX is an ICE-supported event and publication series devoted to experimental art in all forms. This Saturday AUX will host its fourth annual festival featuring performances, visual art and sound installations, video screenings, and artists' market. The daylong event takes place in two venues in downtown Athens and attracts nearly five hundred spectators.

Long time subscribers to the ICE list will remember the first AUX Collaborative Arts Event, back in
2006, to celebrate the creation of a CD entitled "AUX: experimental sound from Athens, GA".
Building on the success of three festivals and the critically acclaimed CD, this has been a banner year for AUX. Last fall we brought the legendary performance group Faust for a sold-out 40 Watt performance and workshop, hosted a youth workshop for sound and movement, and prepared to launch a second volume of experimental sound.

We are very pleased to bring special guests Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone (New York) and Michael Columbia (Chicago/Cincinnati) for this year's event. AUX is sponsored by Little Kings, Cine, Flagpole, Nuci's Space, and ICE.

Full schedule and information about our guest artists below:


3:00 Jeff Fallis (Little Kings)
3:30 Nutritional Peace (Cine)
4:00 Rah as Tempel (Little Kings)
4:30 The Visitors/Pocket Full of Claptonite (Cine)
5:00 Magic Tape Research (Little Kings)
5:15 John Fernandes (Little Kings)
5:30 Denise Posnak, Laura Hoffman, Amanda Martin (Cine)
6:00 The Visitations (Little Kings)
6:30 Steven Trimmer (Cine)
6:45 Hannah Jones (Cine)
7:00 MANS TRASH (Little Kings)
7:30 Aman Amun (Cine)
8:00 Dream Scene (Little Kings)
8:30 Case Quarter (Cine)
9:00 Geisterkatzen (Little Kings)
9:30 The Untanglers (Cine)
10:00 Flash Card Orchestra! (Little Kings)
10:30 The Odd Trio (Little Kings)
11:00 Video Program (Cine)
11:30 Brave New Citizen (Little Kings)
12:00 Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone (Cine)
1:00 Michael Columbia (Little Kings)


Eye Gate
Dan Hole Pond
Justin Roberts

Video screenings

25 minute program repeating at
3, 4:30, 9:30, and 11 in Cine 2

Elliott Earls
Ashley Ohman
Joleen Toner
Chris Cogan
Eddie Whelan
Ash Sechler
Carlos Casas
Ries Straver
John Crowe
Seth Nicholas Stephens

Artist's Market

Gypsies Tramps & Thieves
Old Cat Died
Cathy Dailey
Christy Wooke
Beca Designs
Bacon Neckwear
Laurel Hill
and more!

Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone are a Brooklyn-based collaborative duo that draw from
classical, jazz and folk traditions while experimenting with new forms. Their music explores
improvisation and composition while utilizing amplification and electronic effects as well as
acoustic presentation.

Halvorson is a veteran of the ensembles of esteemed saxophonist/composer Anthony Braxton and
has also performed with groups led by Tim Berne, Taylor Ho Bynum, Trevor Dunn, Tomas
Fujiwara, Curtis Hasselbring, Tony Malaby, Myra Melford, Nicole Mitchell, Jason Moran, Marc Ribot,
Matana Roberts, Elliott Sharp, John Tchicai and Matthew Welch among many others.

Pavone leads Army of Strangers and The Pavones, and has also performed in ensembles led by
Anthony Braxton, Matthew Welch, Matana Roberts, Elliot Sharp, and Jeremiah Cymerman. As a
composer, she has earned grants and commissions from the Aaron Copland Recording Fund, the
American Music Center, The Kitchen, MATA and the group, Till By Turning, which recently
presented the European premiere of "Quotidian" at Faust's Klangbad Festival 2009 in Germany.

Michael Columbia is not a person, but three people who make progressive and experimental pop
music. They reside at the Shape Shoppe in Chicago and are active with groups such as Icy Demons,
Chandeliers, Herculaneum, Need New Body, Bablicon, and Olivia Tremor Control. Michael
Columbia create a blend of new and old by using psychedelic synths, layered vocals, and
innovative drumming that combines electronics, rhythm, and melody into mind-melting, yet
accessible tunes.

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