host.nourish.sustain panel on fighting homelessness

This panel will be held at the University of Georgia on March 24. There is a Facebook event and video to learn more about it. Here is the text of the event:

Paula Deen, chef, restaurateur and the queen of southern hospitality, once said: “We are our brother’s keeper. It’s going to be up to all of us.” Our thoughts exactly, Ms. Deen.

Come enjoy the charm of homemade peach cobbler and a fresh glass of sweet tea as Athens leaders come together to discuss the perfect recipe to end homelessness in the Classic City. Debunk the stigmas of what it is to be “homeless” and become a key ingredient in the action plan to fight homelessness in Athens. After all, the recipe is simple: 1/3 host, 1/3 nourish and 1/3 sustain…and a half a stick of butter, for good measure!

Laura Lyn McLeod, Miss UGA 2010, will moderate the panel of speakers which includes:

- Saskia Thompson from the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens
- Evan Mills from the Department of Human and Economic Development in Athens
- Donna Bliss, assistant professor in the UGA School of Social Work.
- Lynne Griever from Faces of Homeless Speakers Bureau

This event is a Blue Card Event and the first 70 students to arrive will receive a free T-shirt!

For more information, contact Lizzy Nephew at lizzy777@uga.edu.

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Katy Capers said...

There are between 100 and 500 people without a home on any given night in Athens. host. nourish. sustain. proposes that if we all work together, using a touch of southern hospitality, we are poised to make an impact. We hope that the perspectives of our different speakers will mobilize the UGA community to change this statistic into one we can be proud of!