Memorial plaque in 5 Points

I first saw this plaque on the sidewalk years ago as a child. Its across the street from Jittery Joes coffee, which used to be the only gas station in that area that sold 'white gas'. My father insisted on running only white gas in his lawn mower so I had plenty of occasions to walk up there with a gas can. But back to the plaque. I told my mother about the plaque and she almost immediately got all teary eyed. This puzzled me until she told me that she had a brother who was hit and killed by a car in Asheville many many years ago. I never knew about that until then.
I wonder about who this kid was in Athens back in 1922....


Bill Ringle said...

I lived in Athens for a combined 10 yrs and never knew that was there. Thanks for sharing a little known piece of history.

Tim said...

Thanks to a colleague, here is a little more information on the family: