Volunteers and donations needed for Thanksgiving Feast for the Homeless

From a list -- lots of volunteer opportunities coming up............
Please contact Tonya @ tonyal@sports.uga.edu for more info or to volunteer.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am coordinating our annual "Thanksgiving Day Feast for the Homeless and the
Hungry" at Timothy Baptist Church again this year. What we do is we go around Athens to the shelters or where
ever we need to go and pick the people up. We bring them to our church and provide health screenings, we give clothes,
haircuts and hair styles, goody bags with hygiene necessities, we allow them to take showers and of course we feed them a Thanksgiving Meal. Our desire is to make it a special day for them. For example when we feed them, we don't allow them to stand in line. We decorate our dining area and I have our volunteers seat them and serve them.
If you could get the word out and let everyone know that we are accepting donations for these people. Of course if
anyone has any clothes we could use them. We would like them clean, folded or on hangers. We desperately need wash cloths, towels, unopened packaged t-shirts, underwear and socks. This is a major request from the people each year. If anyone is willing to donate any items please contact me. If anyone wants to help volunteer on Thanksgiving Day you are more than welcome and I can forward details. I will be taking items until Friday, November 20th. I will pick them
up if I need to or you can take them to Timothy Baptist Church, 380 Timothy Road. You can mention my name to
the receptionist and she will know what to do. Thank you.
Coach Tonya M. Lee
University of Georgia Track and Field
706.542.7957 / Fax: 706.542.5224

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