Treating the campus with respect????

I do this every year, so I guess its time to do it again. I read about the concern that the administration has about our campus being trashed during home football games. I hear the new ads on the radio about treating our campus with respect. This is respect?
Its past time for the administration to put a halt to north campus tailgating. This is beyond absurd. Why is this allowed to continue game after game after game?
All the extra trash cans, all the trash bags being handed out prior to the game, and this is the end result. It looks to me like the trash got in their SUVs and cars, flags flapping in the wind, and left this mess for others to clean up.
Its time to put a halt to this now.


Anonymous said...

I second this motion.

Holly M. said...

As someone who works in the department that hands out the trash bags and puts out the trash cans and places huge arse dumpsters with signs that say "tailgate trash HERE," it makes me really, really upset to see that people are so irresponsible and so drunk that they can't take a couple of extra seconds to clean up after themselves. Aside from the trash, it wrecks the grass that the grounds crew works so hard on year round.

It makes me sick.