Is AT&T defrauding business DSL customers?

My phone at the office has been ringing all month. No, it isn't all new business for me; rather, I have been harassed by several calls from telemarketers hired by AT&T. The callers never asked us if I wanted to upgrade my DSL service. They started telling us that they wanted to confirm an upgrade that had already been ordered. They told us that AT&T was switching from old BellSouth lines to newly installed lines. They told us that everyone was getting an upgrade and they were just calling to let us know. When I protested I was treated rudely. When I asked questions the callers hung up.

It turns out that one of these telemarketers did place a fraudulent order on my account to upgrade my service from 1.5 Mbps to 3.0. I was clued in when one of the telemarketers later insisted she was only letting me know that all customers were automatically being upgraded from 3.0 to 6.0.

AT&T's response to my complaints about the calls was to change some record on my account to prevent future telemarketing, but they said it would take "30 to 60 days" for the calls to stop. And, yes, my phone has been ringing every single day for weeks since I asked for the calls to stop. I suggested that they give me a month of free service for my troubles, and after the involvement of two divisions -- because there is no single office authorized to issue credits on both voice and DSL service -- they agreed. However, after the credits were applied I was still left with a bill for $48.00. So much for a free month, huh?

Has anyone else had this trouble? It is clear to me that AT&T is defrauding its business customers. They choose and hire these unscrupulous telemarketers, and they are responsible for their actions.

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