For the webbies and techies (new Drupal and expression engine groups)

Hola! I'm chairing the ATHDrupal group and for now, I am just "helping" the EEATH group (I hope a Chair rises organically in the group).

ATHDrupal is a new regional Drupal group (forming out of the ashes of UGA's Drupal Group). We would like to invite anyone interested in Drupal to join us. We hope to have some f2f meetings -- perhaps, semesterly (and also, to connect up with DrupalAtlanta at some point).

Drupal is an opensource content management system (CMS). A content management system is a complete website management/design tool (hosted on your domain).
You can join the Drupal group @

Additionally a sibling group has formed for the CMS, Expression Engine

If you have questions re: the groups, please just drop me a line. thanks, robin aka georgiawebgurl

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