Call for artists/writers

Also, remember moonshine arts & literary magazine is always seeking writers and reviewers. We'd love to have some music reviews, too. Podcasts would be excellent. Video, too! Comix and graphix work, yep, we like those, too. (and we're moving to our domain at the beginning of 2010. sorry, couldn't resist a shoutout for my own project)

Dear lovely creative-folk:

Mandala Literary Journal, the student-run multicultural journal for "poets, writers, artists, and thinkers," which is published by the Institute for African American Studies each spring is swinging into high gear and invites you to attend the 2009-2010 kick-off meeting.

What: meet & greet; identify interests, editors, designers, writers, artists, marketers, etc.

When: Thursday, 10/29 from 1:15-2:15

Where: conference room in the Institute for African American Studies 3rd floor of the Holmes/Hunter Academic Building

Why: it's lots of fun to produce something grand; to get your publishing feet wet and/or to go for the full dunk; to be in the loop; to be a force for something near and dear to your heart--voices on the page!

How: show up (prepare to huff and puff up the stairs!); help spread the word; bring ideas; email me to express interest; something of your own devising...

Who: you, yes you, and anyone else you'd like to bring along; opportunities abound for leading, following, and playing in the sandbox!

Here's hoping to see you next week,


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