What's that comin' down the track?

by Bob Brussack, sports writer

(ATHENS, GA. Sept. 11) -- It’s September in Athens town. The awful weight of late summer, which seemed eternal, has shown signs of giving way to the gently insistent breezes of autumn. It’s time to suit up. It’s time for a new season in the capital of the Bulldawg Nation!

Last night, the Dawgs played their traditional Thursday night opener at Hugh Hodgson, taking on a seasoned squad of Euros.

As expected, the Euros started their highly touted freshman, Stravinsky, who did not disappoint. This kid has more moves than Knowshon, coming up with brilliant, quirky stutter steps that amounted to a free ticket through the basses, past the cellos, and into the violins. Only some nimble work by the upper woodwinds, and Stravinsky’s own understandable freshman angst, kept the kid from dominating.

And what a delight this young man is, constantly trying to be upbeat despite a rough childhood, taking life as it comes, dealing with his new fame with a somehow endearing sideways smile.

In the second half, the Euros brought in fifth-year senior Brahms, whose silky smooth roll-out passing remains a challenge for any defense. But the Dawgs had an answer in their monster man, Rivkin, who keyed on Brahms, gliding left and right along the line as Brahms did his Tarkenton imitation. What a battle!

In the post-game, Coach Cedel said he’s getting nothing but good vibes about the Dawgs’ next contest in October, when veterans Steve Dancz and Tony McCutchen return to the line-up to face one of the greats, Lionel “Freight Train” Hampton.

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