Solve the Mystery?

I snapped this photo this morning right here in Athens. Can you identify the location?

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

This would have to be in the new multi million dollar Tate Center renovation at UGA with those expensive round light fixtures that likely cost thousands of dollars each and thousands of dollars to install and even change the bulbs in.
Here is a mystery question for law professor Brussack: Our family has owned and sold real estate for many years. Often I even write my own deeds and have them or plats recorded at courthouses. Usually it has been a simple matter of paying the Clerk of Superior Court the required recording fee.
However, recently I took a plat, prepared by a licensed surveyor and civil engineer who graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology many years ago, a plat of survey for recording. I was told by the Clerk that they could not record it until I had it approved by the Planning Commission. I said this has nothing to do with the planning commission. It is simply a survey of property remaining after the State of Georgia took part of it for road widening. It is what is left. I suggested they send it over to the planning commission if they needed their signature. They refused and told me I must take it over to them and have it approved before it could be recorded. "It was the law". Of course I am sure professor Brussack knows what has happened here. The local government, the "executive branch" passed a law dictating what the Clerk of Superior Court, a part of the "judicial branch" can or cannot do; namely, they are prohibited from recording plats not approved by the executive branch. Now we have all learned about the "separation of powers" in grade school. This is the most basic part of our government isn't it? Our government in the U.S. is operated with the legislative branch (which makes the laws), the executive branch (which carries out the laws) and the judicial branch(which adjudicates the laws). Each one is totally "independent" of the other and cannot tell any other branch what to do. Therefore is not this law by the executive branch seeking to dictate what the Clerk of Superior Court can or cannot record in the judicial branch of government, totally illegal whatever trumped up "reasons" they might seek indulgence for in passing such a law? Is not government required to voluntarily comply with all laws and constitutional requirements just like citizens are expected to do? What say you law professor and expert in this area Brussack? Is not this a very ugly picture of local government in action in Georgia, willfully violating the very law it purports to comply with, while all the lawyers in this town and at UGA wink at it all and sit around doing nothing and saying nothing about any of it?