Old School Athens

You might be old school Athens if ...

1. You know who said this: "Keep smiling until 10 o'clock, and the rest of the day will take care of itself."

2. You know what occupied the Five Guys Hamburgers location before the video arcade.

3. You remember the overpowering aroma of sweetness at the A & A Bakery.

4. You can name Athens' morning paper when the Banner-Herald was the afternoon paper.

5. You actually knew the gentleman for whom Bishop Park is named.

Got some more?


Tim said...


You remember the smell of fresh baked bread on the east side of downtown.

You recall seeing Fats Baker waddling down the sidewalk to the Mayflower.

You played snooker at Gandy's pool hall on Broad.

You had the blue plate special at Tonys on Clayton.

You remember the 'Have gas will travel' sign on the brick wall behind the gas station at the corner across from Farmers Hardware.

You saved your money and bought a Beatles 45 at Bowdon's Music, right next door to the A&A Bakery (which BTW had the very best fig bars and cheese straws in the world).

Checked out a book at the Clarke County Library which was in the building next door to Athens First Pres. church. Read said book in the courtyard with the little fountain outside the Library.

Watched the christmas parade from a window in the Southern Mutual building.

Ate a soft vanilla ice cream cone from the Artic Girl on US78 right about where the 10 loop is now.

(Man, I could do this all day long! Great topic...)

Tim said...

Oh, and some answers:

H Randolf Holder (WGAU AM 1340)

5 Guys was the downtown location of the Varsity (which we all considered to be superior to the new Varsity on Millege and Broad)