Not-So-Hot Wheels at SPOA

Patio Mendino, the dean of Athens-area skateboarders, is giving everyone the heads-up about an ACC Leisure Services program that apparently will close SPOA, the Skate Park of Athens, to the public for 4 prime skating hours during most of September, all of October, and the first part of November. The program, called Hot Wheels, has the laudable purpose — at least, I assume this is the purpose — of helping beginning and intermediate skaters (ages 6-14) to improve their skills. Great! But does this mean that SPOA will be closed to the public every Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. and every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for two months just as we enter prime skating weather? Doh! And bear in mind that ACC Leisure Services doesn’t even open SPOA until noon on Sundays. How much input do the SPOA folks at Leisure Services seek from the skate community? I gotta think things would be different, in a good way, if skaters were regularly consulted about SPOA affairs. I have a call in to Camille Branch at Leisure Services to ask about all this. She apparently will be out of the office until Monday. Her number is (706) 613-3871 if you’d like to ask your own questions or offer feedback.


Mike-El said...

"Prime time" for skaters is a concern but "prime time" for parents to be off work and taking kids to lessons isn't? I'm sorry...Four hours a week for a few weeks doesn't sound like asking for too much to me. (Especially when compared to the cutthroat competition and time rationing in place for baseball/softball/soccer fields.)

Unknown said...

Do people REALLY take their kids to sports oriented classes/camp/after school programs on Sunday?

Gosh, things sure have changed alot since I was kid.

Unknown said...

Why is the skatepark treated like the stepchild of Leisure Services?