Hog for a golden summer?

As I went walkin’ with my Nikon along Prince Ave this morning, my short-range photo op sensors tripped the master alarm, but before I could wrap my right-brain around the frame, much less bring my camera up to shooting position, the op was gone, gliding toward downtown, another of the thousands of shimmering ephemeralities (Whoa, no dotted red line! That’s actually a word!) that haven’t made it to my compactflash card. What had it been? It had been a female Brando, astride her mechanical stallion, wearing black leather armor anchored to her chest with golden rivets. (My editor will blue-pencil that last sentence, saving me from the embarrassment of having my readership think me trés over the top.) I walked awhile longer, stopping short of the Dunkin’ Donuts for the same reason that Odysseus’s crew wore earplugs and Odysseus had himself lashed to a mast when passing a certain island. All of a sudden, as I strolled back toward downtown, I spotted, not far in front of me, the very image that had eluded me just moments ago. (This NEVER happens!) The cyclist! Ms. Brando! Stopped on a side street! Not only that. When I gestured to my camera and then to her, she smiled and nodded her head!

Well, it turns out I know her! And you probably do, too. She’s Claire Campbell, one half of the heavenly musical duo “Hope for a Golden Summer.” She’s riding the 1978 Kawasaki 400 that she picked up only a few months ago when her life started to get too busy for just riding a pedal-power bike or walking where she needed to go.

Thanks, Claire, for posing for me. I still want to photograph you taking command of Prince Ave :)

P.S. I’m pretty sure that the word “hog” refers technically only to Harleys, and maybe only to some Harleys. Anyhow, guys, no hard feelings, right? I’m just using a little literary license. Guys?

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