From my archives

Haunted by memories of the hundred-year drought we’ve just left behind (haven’t we?), we’re happy to adjust our routines this morning to accommodate some visiting rain. Please stay while, clouds. Have a cup of coffee with us. (We have Jittery Joe’s and Thousand Faces, not taking sides and not wanting to in the debate about which local beans are more heavenly. Okay, we may be a little partial to Charlie Mustard, because we’ve been friends with the Mustards since before Tad McMillan was the principal at Barrow Elementary, but we love our 1000 Faces on Saturday mornings at the farmers market and on other mornings at Trappeze, but I digress.) Instead of strolling, camera at the ready, this morning, I’ll prepare homeschool lessons, practice some half-diminished chords, and post some images from my archives over at my Tumblr blog for my athensview.com. Beginning at 9, and once per hour, I’ll post a photograph in a series that might be called “Downtown From Other Points of View.” Hope you like ‘em.

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