Planning Your Jazz Weekend

Tonight (Friday, July 31) at 10:30 at the Globe downtown Melvin Mathurin (tenor), Mitch Rothstein (keys), James Goodhand (bass), and Ben Williams (drums) kick off your jazz weekend with jazz essentials and original pieces.

Then tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 1) at 8 (you can get up for this) it’s the Artie Ball Swing Band in the music corner at the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park. Folks, the farmers market has been the highlight of our week all summer, even without the music. You owe it to yourself!

And on Sunday (August 2) beginning around 1 pm on the beautiful patio at the Square One Fish Co. near the Classic Center, Rand Lines brings his cool keys, Dennis Baraw adds a groovin’ bass line, and Carlton Owens stirs in some hot drum licks for the brunch crowd. (You can’t go wrong with the shrimp and grits. I know!)

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