Dispatch from SE Clarke

There are a thousand stories in the Classic City. This is one of them. I know it’s true, because I was there. Meet Dirty (left) and Manuel. Before today, as far as I know, they had never met. But fate brought them together at the Southeast Clarke Park. Dirty rides a motorcycle. He likes to ride hot, fast, and low. He rolled into the park this evening to check out some of the most beautiful works of American industrial art — classic cars and trucks rescued and lovingly revived by members of the Ol’ Skool Ryders Classic Car Club of Athens. Oh, the chrome. Oh, the paint jobs. Oh, the engines. Oh, the interiors. An acre of auto heaven. There was just one problem. Nobody seemed to have any jumper cables. And Dirty needed some jumper cables. His motorcycle, still as a statue in the middle of the road dividing the car show from the skatepark, was dead, it’s battery without the strength to start it. Dirty asked everyone for jumper cables. He even asked me. Nope. Then Manuel walked up. He had been watching the skaters, not the cars. Dirty asked Manuel the key question. And his answer was yes, I have jumper cables. Dirty insisted I take their picture together, which I did, and then Dirty mounted his steel steed and burned some serious rubber as he left the park. I, of course, was out of position and didn’t capture the dramatic exit. -- reblogged from my blog for athensview.com.

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